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Large Franklin Hanging Light

Large Franklin

Large Franklin Hanging Light (blackened tin pictured) is sized to hang over a generously sized island or work station. It is also well suited for over the dining room table. Features three standard sockets, 60 watts maximum each. Wired with 15 feet of wire, 3 feet of chain and a matching ceiling kit. Handcrafted in USA. This light is UL approved and has a 5 year guarantee. Also available in Rusty tin.
Item Size: 18 1/2"H x 42 1/2"W x 9"D

Large Franklin Hanging Light
Item # 868CKB
$200.00 price includes shipping

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Secrets to Getting the Perfect Kitchen Lighting


As they say, the kitchen is where all the magic happens. It is a space not only for healthy home cooking but also for entertaining your family and guests. It is for this reason that lighting should be budgeted for when you are doing a kitchen renovation. A well-lit kitchen like the sunbasket has will enable you to perform effectively and create a warm ambiance. know more about them and take off 50% with this sun basket coupon with this. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect kitchen lighting.

Plan Your Kitchen Lighting

Experts recommend planning for your kitchen lighting when you are constructing your kitchen from scratch. In this stage, you need to identify the spaces that will require lighting. Then, figure out which type of lighting will be ideal for those areas.

Before pondering on the type of lighting designs to install, other factors to consider include placement of windows, amount of natural light coming in, length of ceiling and position of countertop. When you have this information in mind, it will be easier to create the perfect atmosphere for your kitchen.

Hire a Lighting Designer

Consider hiring a lighting designer with extensive experience to help you choose and install the fixtures. There are numerous companies that offer professional lighting design services in order to ensure safe and perfect installation. For best results, the designer will examine the kitchen layout, natural light available, amount of light needed and other crucial elements.

Control the Lighting

It is important to know how to control the lighting in your kitchen just like in any other rooms. Dimmer switches are ideal for either increasing or decreasing the light source in order to cater to various needs and functions. For this reason, you may want to consider a flexible control system that allows you to set different light patterns with just a touch of a button.

For instance, if you are cooking or cleaning, you can adjust the system to increase the light source. Dimmed lights create a great ambiance when you are eating or just conversing in the kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Lighting

For a kitchen to be well-lit, it needs to have at least four different types of light. This includes:

Task Lighting

Task lighting is a critical lighting that targets the main working areas of the kitchen like worktop and sink. This lighting enables you to work safely when chopping vegetables and doing other tasks. Task lighting is also placed under the cabinet in order to enhance the environment and improve the functionality of the kitchen.

For this lighting, there are numerous variations to choose from. Small or compact fluorescents are slim and are placed under the cupboard. Flexible LED is mounted on the side of the cupboard while ceiling-mounted lights are modern and provide light below the ceiling.

Mood Lighting

This is probably one of the most overlooked lightings in the kitchen. Mood or ambient lighting provides a warm glow that makes people feel welcomed in the kitchen. In order to know what type of mood lighting to get, you should consider the function of your kitchen, amount of natural light coming in, and the number of windows and the direction they face.

Mood lights work well where the cabinets do not reach to the ceiling. To enhance the light for spaces with high ceiling, try the uplighters that are placed on top of the kitchen cabinets. Wall lights and washers work well in relaxing spaces since they form a delicate background illumination.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting gives depth to a kitchen and creates a focal point in the room. This type of lighting is mostly placed in cupboards, shelves or in niches. It also includes lighting placed in glass-front cabinets so as to illuminate glassware and other collections.

Decorative Lighting

Also, known as pendant lights, this type of lighting adds sparkle to any space. Not only is it a great source of light, but it also helps to differentiate the kitchen space form the dining space.

The benefits of the four types of kitchen lighting cannot be underestimated. Whether you are planning to do a full kitchen overhaul or just focus on renovating your lighting fixtures, it is important to find the right type of kitchen lighting. This will help maximize functionality and ambience in your kitchen space.

Developing an Online Store for Lighting Fixtures


Are you having some kind of fondness for lighting fixtures? Truly, these are great designs that anybody can put up in their homes. As much as these give light to the darkness, lighting fixtures also take part in the interior design of your house. Surely, you might want to share your creative ideas and opinions regarding the designs to others, but, how?

One of the best ways to do it is to develop an online store for lighting fixtures. With the advancement of technology, more and more people are into online shopping instead of going out of their houses and browsing the nearby stores. This is your opportunity to lure them into your online store.

You can always hire a Magento developer Singapore to do everything for you. But here is a guide of how you can start an online store for your business. Read on.

Choose a Website Domain Name

You surely would like to have your lighting fixtures store be unique from any other else's. Also, you would want to make sure that your customers will be able to remember your store name. So, one way for you to achieve these goals is to think of a name that would best describe you and your store.

But it doesn’t stop there. You should also make sure that your website domain name has your store name between the triple 'w' and the dot com. As an example, you can have

Select a Platform and Host

Apparently, once you have thought of your website domain name, you should also then decide as to which platform and host would be suitable for your business. You can have the Bluehost, Weebly, and even WordPress.

In order for you to choose which one of these, among others, you can check out the review for each. Then, you will be able to compare and determine which one is best for you.

Create a Web Content Outline

This is not your content yet. Think of the web content outline that you are going to have on your website. Basically, this would be the things that you would want your customers to know about you.

Of course, you should have your Homepage, Products and Services, the About Us page, and the Contact Us page. These enable your customers to access your website in a manner that is not burdensome for them.

Find a Web Design

Your web design must also be unique and creative. This will be one of the primary factors that would help convince your customers that your site is a credible one, that it is worthy of their investments. Also, in order to establish the identity of your online store, you need to think of a logo that would represent your business.

These are the steps on how you can develop your online store for lighting fixtures. The final step for you is to monitor your website and raise promotions to attract your customers. And, once you have them, make sure that they, at least, enjoy their store visit.

Cannabis Cultivation: Setting Up Indoor Lights


With the recent legalization of cannabis, cbd and cannabis-related products, the interest in the marijuana industry has been growing and expanding day by day. More and more people are looking into cannabis cultivation, in particular, as it does present a number of advantages to those who use the substance for medicinal purposes.

Similar to growing any other plants, one crucial aspect of cannabis cultivation is lighting. Lighting is particularly important in growing marijuana because the plant is grown indoors for the most part. As such, it is important to be careful with the artificial light used in growing the plant because it is sensitive and might even get cooked under wrong lighting or temperatures that soar too high.

The 3 Most Common Light Sources: HID, CFL and LED

Growing cannabis indoors typically includes at least one of these artificial light sources. Most of the time, growers find it best to use a combination of all three of them. Other artificial light sources do exist. However, HID, CFL and LED are ahead of the game when it comes to growing cannabis in the modern day.

HID (High-Intensity Discharge)

HID lamps have been around and have been used by growers since the 1990's. With time, indoor lamps have developed to become more efficient and more digital with bigger reflectors. However, HID lamps are still around to this day, supported intensely by growers who hold the belief that lumens, an output static, is the most important factor when talking about lights.

CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp)

Similar to the CMH (Ceramic Metal-Halide) bulb, CFL is a promising candidate when it comes to choosing an effective light source with which to grow marijuana plants. However, it is quite away from being as supported as the HID, which has been tried and tested by growers for years and years.

LED (Light-Emitting Diode)

You might have already heard of LED before, and that is because it is one of the newest and most popular technological advancements of the modern day. This popularity comes from many tests and multiple accounts of the LED's effectiveness. New LED systems have been proven by users to be capable of producing results that are very similar and sometimes even better than those produced with the use of HID. While HID supporters believe that lumens are the most important factor when it comes to lights, LED users say that it is PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) that is most crucial for choosing what kind of light to use for growing marijuana.

However, besides light measures and spectrums, there are other things to consider when it comes to choosing a light source for indoor cannabis cultivation. Other factors to take into account when making a decision is energy consumption and what your electricity bill might look like, how many plants you are planning to grow and how much heat your chosen light source emit. In current time, LED lamps are leading the race for being the premier light source because it satisfies almost all of the ideal criteria.

How to Choose Ceiling Fans with Lights

Rustic Ceiling Fan

The importance of fans in our houses cannot be overemphasized. While the major function of fans is to cool our houses, other uses, such as enhancing the beauty and the interior design of our rooms cannot be underestimated. Depending on the various purposes and the diverse designs of fans, you need to be very categorical when it comes to choosing the type of fans for your house. Nowadays, most fans are designed with lights installed in them. For this reason, therefore, it is important to make the best choice when choosing such designer ceiling fans bearing in mind that the fans have both the cooling and the lighting functions. In order to choose the best ceiling fans with lights installed in them, it is important to consider a number of factors that would influence the choice of lighting and other factors associated with having a ceiling with a built-in bulb.

Fan Location

The first step is determining the most appropriate location for your fan. Since fans must be mounted not lower than 7 feet, the fan must be installed on a ceiling that is 8 feet high or more. Also, considering the fact that the fan has the light installed in it, meaning the light emanates from the same place, it is important to consider the best location of the lighting in relation to the size of the room.

Your Style

When choosing ceiling fans with lights installed in them, your style is a factor that should not be ignored. Different people have different tastes and preferences. Therefore, choosing the fan with the preferred size, design, and color is important.


The fan should be durable. It is important to carry out a research about the companies producing the fans and ensure that they have a good reputation. Fans with built-in lights are relatively delicate and are more vulnerable to damage. Purchasing fans with good quality reduce unnecessary costs.


The quality of both the fan itself and its light function must be good. Having a fan with both the functionalities could mean the complexity of the device in terms of the modifications and installation. Hence, the fan must be of good quality, have a warranty, and must be easy to install.


Having a fan with more than one function is convenient and economical as it saves on space and can be used to enhance beauty where the rotating blades can create beautiful patterns under the lighting.

These types of fans have enhanced creativity where designers have come up with a wide range of similar fans but more developed.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans with Lights

  • The profile is the lowest among other fans
  • The hanging distance is not that high
  • Perfect for 8-feet high ceilings
  • Illuminates and cools an area at the same time
  • Lights can be turned off easily if not needed while maintaining the cooling operations
  • More energy efficient


  • Cost of buying depends on the brand, features, and specifications
  • Price may be comparable to ceilings fans without lights
  • Need to spend on light kit replacement once the lighting fixture fails
  • There are some models and brands sell the lighting fixture/kit separately

Ceiling fans with lights can add to your room's ambiance. It can even complement mood lighting. It is, however, wise to choose a design that suits the room it is going to be installed in.  Some ceiling fans can even replace chandeliers, especially if they are adorned with luxurious crystal beads. So choose your ceiling fan with integrated lights well and add elegance and a unique touch to your room.

Rustic Log Lighting in the Bedroom

Everyone knows that the key to having an awesome bedroom lies in how it's being lit. The appropriate lighting can make all the elements in the room come together and produce whatever effect you want to go for. Let's take a look at some of the different types of lighting available on the market that will definitely do wonders for the bedroom.

Recessed Lighting

If you want to give yourself the option for optimum relaxation in the bedroom, you'll find recessed lighting ideal. Recessed lighting illuminates the bedroom with just the right amount to create a soft and serene ambiance, perfect for lazy days. It's important to place these lights in strategic areas to produce that subtle lighting effect. These are also perfect for minimalistic bedrooms.

Digital Control Lights

Lights that are adjustable and can be controlled digitally are great for people who want to take futuristic elements to the bedroom. It's the 21st century after all, and if it's not yet the right time for digitally controlled everything, when?

Cove Lighting

Similar to recessed lighting, cove lighting is great for providing that relaxing vibe to bedrooms. It's just the right amount of light that comes from strategic places to highlight certain features in the bedroom. Cove lighting is said to go best with thearpedic treatments such as those looking for much firmer mattresses for back pain issues.

Task Lighting

For most people, bedrooms are not the place to do work, but for some who have ditched the corporate setting altogether for a working space that's designed to give the most comfort, task lights are considered ideal. It's also great for people who love to read before going to bed.


The appropriate lighting is relative to the kind of bedroom you have, the functionality, and the overall look you want it to possess. Check out our selection to help you find the right lighting fixtures for your bedroom.

How to Add Lights to an Indoor Water Fountain

Adding lights to an indoor water fountain can seem a bit overwhelming, especially since most of them require a bit of DIY assembly and installation and rarely from a professional service. There's no need to fret when you come across this problem. Most indoor water fountains already come with lights as well as provisions for them.

Decide on a lighting effect and choose your fountain light

Fountain lights come in various forms and a big factor in deciding which one to choose is knowing what effect you want to produce. Some people want to highlight the best parts of the indoor water fountain as a centerpiece while others want to simply illuminate the areas indoors. Whatever effect you want to produce, it should complement your overall interior design.

Install a low-voltage system

Be sure to use a low-voltage system for your indoor water fountain. You can achieve this by first installing a transformer that regulates the system into the required 120 volts. Each indoor water fountain system comes with its own instruction manual, and the trick to getting the installation right is to really read and comprehend these instructions. Typically, the transformer is installed with the GFI receptacle very near to the water fountain. This is to avoid electric shocks since we're dealing with electricity in water. Transformers are usually mounted with an electric outlet beside it, so it's easy to plug in.

Place the lights

When you finally place the fountain lights, do your best not to create a harsh glare. You can achieve this by not pointing the lights directly on the water. These are best displayed in areas where they are hidden and where they can highlight the fountain with most efficacy.

Power it up

The last step is to power the fountain lights up and see if they work. If they don't, go back to the instruction manual and see if you did something wrong.


Bear in mind that adding lights to your indoor water fountain can also add to your electricity costs, so be sure you have the right conditions to sustain this otherwise really wonderful feature that could really bring your interior design elements together.

How to Light an Outdoor Barbecue Area

Outdoor barbecues are always fun opportunities to get out and hang out with neighbors, friends, relatives and even co-workers–the more, the merrier. While these events aren't really high-maintenance–you can get by with just the right venue, and outdoor cooking and dining set-up–it pays to know how to light these parties literally for everyone to enjoy. To host that perfect outdoor barbecue party, these are the different types of lighting you might want to consider getting:

Post Mounts

Outdoor post mount lightings come in various forms, which means it can transform just about any garden or outdoor recreational venue into a superb place for hosting parties. These are ideal in areas along pathways and edges of decks and pool areas. These also make for the perfect finishing touches to great landscaping garden designs.

Pendant Lights

Typically seen as the chandeliers of outdoor areas, pendant lights can be used to add a bit of a charm to an outdoor cooking setup. Pendant lights are great for decks and patios with just the right amount of overhead covering to support them. The more lavish designs could also spark conversation between guests. Another reason why it's perfect for outdoor parties is the fact that it's very easy to install. For the more creative bbq hosts, DIY pendant lights are also fun to make, and not to mention, very rewarding too!


Lanterns are a great and inexpensive way to light up an outdoor cooking setup. With these lighting fixtures, your guests will certainly enjoy the food, the conversations, and the overall experience more. These are great for gardens and recreational areas under the added natural glow of the stars. They also often go well with top selling propane smoker set up in the middle of the garden.


Whatever lighting fixture you're going to get for your outdoor cooking setup, it's very important to think about the weather conditions that are common in your area. Browse through our selection of outdoor cooking setup lighting. We're sure you're going to find the perfect one for the many barbecue parties in the future.

Prairie Sconce in black tin
Prairie Sconce in Black Tin
Direct wired with two candelabra sockets, 60 watts max. per socket. Rusted Tin finish. This light is UL listed and has a 5 year guarantee. Item size: 11"H x 10 3/4"W x 4 1/2"Deep
Our Price: $65.00
~Includes Shipping

We stand behind all of our products and feel that customer service does not end with "the sale." You will deal directly with "One Guy" and I strive to give "good old-fashioned" service. Please browse the site to find that "perfect" country or rustic style light fixture for your home. These unique fixtures will give your home that warm cozy "look" you've been after! As always, all of our lighting and accessory prices INCLUDE SHIPPING within the lower 48 states.

Please feel free to browse through my selection of over 70 lighting fixtures and our line of rustic accessories. Spend some time and look the fixtures over. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call me Toll Free: 1-877-864-9584 ~ 7 days a week, evening calls are welcome! If I am not here and you get the answering machine (I hate them too!) please leave your name and number and I WILL get back to you ASAP! I want to thank you for stopping by and I hope you each have a great day!
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